Basic Manual Series Annual Report 2019

submitted by Kathleen Abromeit

Current Roster

  • Kathleen Abromeit, Basic Manual Series, Editor (not sure)
  • Scott Stone, Basic Manual Series Editorial Board (not sure)
  • Sandi-Jo Malmon, Basic Manual Series Editorial Board (not sure)
  • Carla E. Williams Basic Manual Series Editorial Board (not sure)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  1. A CFP was posted on MLA-L on September 24, 2018; January, April, and September 2019,  noting that to augment the scope of the series, we are particularly interested in proposals on
    • Cataloging small collections (books, music, and sound)
    • Acquisitions, collection development, and gift selection
    • Music ephemera (storage, cataloging, and use)
    • Principles of digital archiving
    • Introduction to music librarianship
    • Copyright and legal issues in music librarianship

Book Updates:


Outreach for Music Librarians. Scott Stone, editor, with chapters by Kathleen A. Abromeit, Katie Buehner, Maristella Feustle, Verletta Kern, Scott Stone, Sara J. Beutter Manus, Jon Sauceda, Kristina Shanton, Misti Shaw, Anne Shelley, Holling Smith-Borne, Matthew Vest, and Lisa Woznicki. 2019.

Under Contract:

Binding and Care of Printed Music, BMS no. 2, new edition by Alice Carli.

The contract has been signed. Currently, Alice is very close to completing the book.  We are hopeful for a 2019 publication date, but 2020 is more realistic.

List of Future Goals

We are still looking for a book to be published in 2021. At this point, we are evaluating a proposal and hope to make a decision on it in the next month.

I would like to secure a book for 2022 as well, and I am in conversation with four potential authors to fulfill that goal. Ultimately, we’d like to publish a book a year, and I believe we can achieve that goal.