Atlantic Chapter Annual Report 2018

submitted by Kathleen DeLaurenti, Chair

Current Roster


  • Kathleen DeLaurenti, Chair

  • Thom Pease, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

  • Beth Royall, Secretary-Treasurer

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Build an open data set of performance data from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.
    • The chapter successfully secured funding from national for collaborative project between ATMLA, the Peabody Institute, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to build an open data set of performance data from the BSO. Paul Sommerfield was chosen as the intern to lead the project. Approximately two thirds of the way into the internship, Paul secured a full time position at the Library of Congress and was unable to complete the project. Peabody Archivist Matt Testa continues to work with Andre Ovorio at the Open Music Library on completing the project.
  • Designate funds to support different initiatives.
    • Members voted to raise registration rates for professional members to $25; there is a desire to have designated funds to support different initiatives, but the executive committee is still trying to discern if this is possible with an organization this size.

List of Future Goals